Thursday, August 20, 2009

ChRis BaRz [with capital "R's"].!

Today has been a very eventful and busy day for Dude Skateboards.! ChRis BaRz came by the IM4RadioDC station and blessed "The Avenue" with one of the most SICK freestyles this year. To the Lupe Fiasco single 'Kick, Push', BaRz blends his old school hip hop style and his DMV aura to deliver on the flow and metaphorical content of this Dude Skateboards EXCLUSIVE track.! Enjoy...

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Until later.... Its all about the passion and dedication that you put into your art.! Always look at the big picture.....

Monday, August 17, 2009

#musicmonday [squared].

Chopped and Screwed Version...
"In the world we live in society has become more about perception and less about authenticity. Anything or anybody with a glimpse of hope is hailed epic and the people again tricked into believing the hype only to be let down once more. The same tactics have been used unapologetically throughout black culture since history shows. Now the attack has been focused in on our music more then ever. Once used to inspire and illustrate the conditions surrounding us, we've allowed those with none of our interests at heart to control the very backbone of our culture. GoadomeTalk along with Twenty20 music (Phil Nash, Sim City, etc) brings the WORLD, "Chronicles Of My Mind" by up and coming Washington/PG native D.Floyd."
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Until Later.... Just because you know your history, that does not mean you have to re-live it. Its called SELF-Social Injustices for a reason.


J. Ferb blessed the entire Twitter world with a special delivery on #musicmonday... This freestyle track "Really Mean It" is of course hip-hop to the fullest, with that contemporary 'Eclectic Poetic' style of the Ferb.! Did we mention he is out on the road with the I&E/SCE Family..... Definitely looking forward to hearing more from 'Mr. Southern Hospitality' in his journey called the CHASE.!

"Really Mean It" - J.Ferb

Until Later....... Always remember that in the end all decisions made affect more than just yourself.