Friday, June 26, 2009

"My Morning Mantra"

Back when I first started the brainstorming process for Dude Skateboards, and even for Zealous Canvas (my first big business concept), I would wake up in the mornings to listen to one song. That morning mantra of mine was "Beautiful Day" by Gym Class Heroes. More than anything, just listen to the lyrics... They are so motivating.! Not to mention Travie gives a shoutout to the Jackson 5 [RIP King of Pop].

Until later....... "This is that day 'cause I could feel it.!"

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"RIP Farrah Fawcett..."

Just received an email that touched me... Especially since the picture that was used was of Farrah Fawcette, who passed away today at age 62, is riding a skateboard.!
With her celebrity, and girly-girl status, Farrah Fawcette did what we respect so greatly at DUDE Skateboards. She changed the 'status quo' of what a skateboarder looks like.
For those of you in the great State of New York, you guys had lots of rain for the official Go Skateboarding Day. So this weekend you'll are in luck with a second go around at Go Skateboarding Day.!!!! Here are a few locations to check out:
If you live in Brooklyn, meet at noon at Homage Skateshop (151 Smith Street, just off the F line at Bergen Street) for a skateboarding trip across the Brooklyn Bridge to the meeting point in Manhattan at Pike and Monroe Streets.
If you live in Manhattan, or are taking the subway, the festivities, which include demonstrations and giveaways, start at 1PM.
Until later... Have fun, and skate the day away.!!!

Here is the link to the original article by
Lets just say this...... The blog of DUDE Skateboards is officially UNDER CONSTRUCTION. "Stay Away Some::Version One Point None" the first promo video, will be released on Monday, June 29, 2009.
[Stay Tuned].

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Good day followers and the stumbling passer byers.! hahaha....!
[WELCOME]. Also WELCOME to everyone that I met today at the District V Coffee Club.!!!
DUDE Skateboards has had a day full of meetings, filming, editing, and then more paperwork... Who is complaining about it though because this is what was expected, and totally cannot wait for more.!!!!
Above is "Monkey".... He is all that we are leaking as of right now from our first promo video that is scheduled to be released on Friday, 26 June 2009. Check back around 5:00 pm for the official release of "Stand Away Some:: Version One Point None."

Just wanted these two things to be separate from the rest of the blog...........
1.) DUGEE..... WE ARE ON BRO.!
2.) J.Ferb....... "California Dreamin' But DMV All Day" is video number two point zero.!!!! [ASAP].

Until later..... Stay Safe. Stay Real. CHIIIIIIIIILL.! [lol].
By: Shaymar W. H.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

SHOUTOUT To Baltimore Rapper Los.!!!

For those of you who have been sleeping under a rock, and away from the world of YouTube and DatPiff... Local rapper Los, is definitely up there with his rhyming skills.! I remember sitting back one day with my little brother. Maybe I was cooking in the kitchen or something, and then my little brother says, "Shaymar, who is that on the computer.? This Dude could flow.!" That Dude that he was talking about, is Los.! Straight out of Baltimore, Maryland... Check out his mixtape G5.2 on Im sure he would respect the love on Twitter and MySpace as well.....
Looking forward to the collaboration.....
Until Later..... [SHRED] its Saturday.!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

"DMV Stand Up.... The new Wale Mixtape"

For all of the DMV area, the most anticipated mixtape is the new Wale & 9th Wonder, Presented by LRG:::: BACK TO THE FEATURE. Sit back, enjoy, and just 'meditate' to it.! Of course shout out to Wale.! [PG All Day.]
Until later Fam..... L8r.!

"Fam From Way Back--Reppin' PG.!"

DUGEE F. BULLER..... If you like DMV's own WALE, or even a fan of Eminem and my man Asher Roth, Dugee F. will be your man.! We go back to the days of hall passes and after school detention.!?
I am just gonna give you a peak into his mind.! This mixtape COACH SESSION 1.1 is fire.!!!! Check it out. Support him on DatPiff.!!! Dont forget to give feedback: Also follow us on Twitter.!
In his words I am signing out today. Until later......... "BONG"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Best Holiday Since Christmas"

Ladies and Gentlemen... I am talking about Go Skateboarding Day.!!!

Get out there to shred, carve, rip, thrash, and grind EVERYTHING.!!! Dont forget to post pictures.! Send them to, and I will post them on the site.! Until later.... carve the day away.!

"DUDE's going shopping"

Its about that time for the boardshorts... And trends come and go, but Billabong really PIMP'd beach-to-street style this time with the new COLLABO Commonwealth and Billabong recycled and recyclable boardshorts.! For only $77 you are doing your part for the environment, and looking totally fly.!!!! Check them out at the Commonwealth website, or if you are in the DMV stop by and let them know that DUDE Skateboards gave them a shout out.!!! Until later........

Monday, June 15, 2009

"Daps & [lbs.]"

This weekend was something serious for us here at DUDE Skateboards.! Our first HAND is being given out to Cousin, Twin, and Los.... Each of you'll made this weekend possible on totally different levels.!
Cousin came up from Richmond to get DUDE Skateboards off of the ground.!!!
Twin went out of the way to make the weekend oe to totally remember.!
LOS.... One of the hottest rappers straight out of Baltimore City.! I dont want to write too much b.c Cousin will be on here soon, but That G5.2 mixtape made the entire weekend right.!
Big respect.!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

"Sweet Playlist"

Here at DUDE Skateboards we are HUGE fans of music... All types.! Just
scrolling through my playlist while listening, I said "DUDE, BLOG IT.!" So that I did. Below is my current playlist for all of the moments that you want to just cruise::
"Is There Any Love (ft. Wale)"-Kid Cudi
"I Poke Her Face (ft. Kayne West & Common)"-Kid Cudi
"Whenever"-Kid Cudi
"Cartoon Chick"-Asher Roth
"Nike Boots (remix) ft. Lil' Wayne"-Wale
"09 Freestyle"-Kid Cudi
"I Love College (remix)"-Asher Roth
"Say Yeah Freestyle"-Los
"Amillie Remix"-Los
"Corona and Lime"-Shwayze
I would sit here and write why these songs mean so much, but I dont want to give you guys an essay...! I want to give a WORD UP! to Wale.... Right out of PG.! Also Los from out of Baltimore, and my homeboy Dugee.... I've known this dude since way back.! Everyone else.... We thank you and respect you for what you do.... Until later.............
*Dont forget to support the artists by buying tracks on iTunes or off their site.!*

Sunday, June 7, 2009